"There's Something Out There, And I Can Hear It..."


Original: http://filesmelt.com/dl/rp_necro_forest_a10007.jpg

Used Photoshop CS5 and Smoke Particle brushes.

I really think I did to much of the smoke, but I still like it.

The atmosphere is okay but the smoke brushes look really lazily slapped on. They don’t match the lighting of the picture well at all or make any sense in terms of placement (why would there be smoke? and it certainly doesn’t look like fog).

Lack of shadows is off-putting.

F’in fleshpounds. When I play with friend someon always ends screaming LIGHTGUY LIGHTGUY! Yeah.

It’s pretty obvious something is there as you can see the fleshpound standing less than 50 feet away.

This motherfucker’s blind.

The crops are on fire, far far away. Lol

It must be someone dropping some money.

And it glows in the dark!

“Dosh grab it while it’s hot!”
“Money money moneey”
“Money money Monaaay”
coin sounds

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I don’t belong here. I’m the only non-gold member to respond :tinfoil:

He is in for a bad day.

There’s Something Over There, And I Can See It…