Thermal Gaming Cider Two Server

This server is a fully functional Cider Two server. It is a realistic and fun gamemode and this is one of the only servers that has the gamemode and remains up and running 24/7. Come on and enjoy the server with intense roleplay and fun. Believe it or not it is a 128 slot server.
Host:** Xenon Servers
Port: 27015
IP: *
***Slots: **128
Name: [TG-#2] Cider Two Serious Roleplaying

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Just wondering why have you set it to 128 slots?

30-40 is respectable and blueprint 2 can really only handle 28 until it causes problems.

I.e Rubber Banding and high CPU usage.

Although I will take a look, And the cars being free is a downside…

128 is to big :confused: but nice

@ FreeFall1103: We got a great deal with xenon servers that made it a 128 slots server for a good price.
Also, its free car week. Cars are not always free.

Its actually a deal we made with Xenon Servers. Its actually unlimited slots. They just set it to the max when it was setup and we didn’t lower it

Great Community, Fun RP.