Wiped 5/30|Admins|Air+20|1/2 Craft|Vanilla|NoDura|PvP

Come join the server and lets build a great community together

Active and fair admins
Remove tool for admins
All play styles are welcome

NO LEVEL 1 STEAM PROFILES/PRIVATE PROFILES: This is due to hacker profile trends that may include possible hackers who do not want to mess up there own steam account

No Use of the word Nigger or Faggot.
No Racism
No Colored/Unicode text in chat.

Suicide Houses
Bases Within / Fully inside Rocks
Barricade / Pillar Raids
Replacing someones wall with a pillar during a raid (if you are taking there stuff no need to ruin there house)
No shacks in front of peoples doors so they cant get out.
No Barricades in front of peoples doors to be a dick , if your raiding it is ok because that is a tactic
No Crouch Running

Any other exploits that you know will get you banned!

Griefing is discouraged, please just dont be a dickā€¦

This server was started so we can all experience this awesome alpha game and enjoy it and learn together, so lets all just be friends after the raid, because in the end were all having fun surviving!