These Bastards were turning Innocent Bystanders into Tommorow's Barbeque

here’s a group pose I and the tee made

any other soundtracks that could work would be greatly appreciated


AO pass(heavily edited for the image so the darkness wouldn’t bleed into the smoke)

kuhl beenz m8


why are the embers around the top two tires moving perfectly horizontally

Looks as great as people burning other people can look! Good, morbid job!
Also bonus one looks cool too, nice lighting.

ah crap, didn’t notice
well i’ll avoid doing that next time i do a fire thing

Behind the scene view.

Fuck yeah 'ave a Bonfire, good job dudes.

That burnt corpse model has always looked silly to me. Maybe it’s because of all the time I spent being a hobo in DarkRP ages ago (which used that model), but it always looks like it’s having a cheeky grin on it’s face.

Damn, I need to learn to make fire effects like that…

I hope that gasoline tank right a side the tires is empty, i wouldn’t like to get blowed up. Nice job, great edit.