these guys be dead yo

shit yo

the blud is too red yo

Damn, that guy be dead!

thats my first try at blud yo

But next time, try not to use a tortoise shell pickguard for blood.

depends where it comes from yo

oxygenated is bright red
deoxygenated is brownish-red

whats with the indoors roadblock yo?

crime scene yo

because we got some crazy drivers driving indoors yo.

shut up yo

The blood looks like melted plastic yo

try using yo.

this thread is alright yo

officer on the right: Well it looks like that the bullet and there skull got…*combined *


perspective on the blood is not that great… and never, ever, use the Bevel effect on the blood… never again.

yo fuck u i didnt use no god dam bevel effect i penned white round that shit yo

I don’t know if you’re trying to act like a cool kid or something but that’s ridiculous, so stop it.

He is a gangstah Yo.

dang right yo

wtf da sign indoh, imma go what yaw