These okay for just starting?

**Title pretty much says all, i’ve just started really trying to make my screenshots look OKAY, though I would like anyone’s opinion. **

You seem to understand the decency of editing. Your posing is also decent, but try not to make it so stiff. Like the guys hanging from the trees, it looks like they’re being abducted into space from their sitting positions, and the first picture his joints are stiff an he’s floating above ground.

Other than that pretty good work.

Thanks bro, I did try to move the hanging rebels but they seemed to be stuck where I put them and pressing R did nothing, so I just sort of went with it.

where did u get those soldiers that are hanging from?

You’re off to an okay start. Just the fact that you’re asking whether they’re good or not is a great sign. Your posing is not the best, but that’s just practice. I’ve been at this since my join date and I still have a hard time getting natural poses now and then. The key is to just step back and say “is this impressive? to me? will other people like it?” if you can say yes and then maybe you’re either dead wrong or on the right track. Either way, keep at it, I think you’ve got some potential.

Thanks, usually I suck as posing and gun posing, i’m working on it.

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Got in from a pack from a Starship Trooper Roleplay,

Follow instructions and you’ll get alot of good models.