These people taking other server names telling people its theirs??

So recently i met these guys on my server playing and they said they also had a server. So a few days later, i join there server and that they have copied my server name. Xenon DarkRP / FastDL / Custom / M9K, thats the same as my server! They are also sending people onto my server stealing ideas??!! Thats pretty outrageous. Well i made this thread for people to watch out of these 2, ban them right away, they are either gonna rdm or copy your server ideas/addons/plugins. owner of that server. 9 year old. the co owner of that server, another 9 year old.

Not only do they nearly copy my entire server plugins and addons but they also use sh*t tons of leaked scripts. Tons of it.

Some pictures of their leaked script and server info.

Invalid bans

If you find these people on your server, i suggest you just banning them…

This server should be shut down. Really? A person gets banned for 3 YEARS? Really? It makes no sense. And I was apart of this as well. They rag dolled me and threw me around like a puppet! This server needs to be shut down NOW!

How exactly do you know they are 9? I don’t really think 9 year olds have the mental capacity to do shit like that.

Uhh, thats not the point here…

I don’t think it’s a big deal that they have the same addons as you have, they are public though. And I believe there are more servers that has the same addons that you don’t know of. DarkRP server hardly differ from eachother.

That they copy your name is a bit dumb of them, although there’s a SHITLOAD of communities for diffrent games named Xenon. There’s even a hosting company going with that name, so you shouldn’t expect anything else.

By the way, how do you know they used leaked scripts? How do you know they haven’t legitimately bought them from CoderHire?

They told me, and everytime i go on, they would have more scripts. But nobodies doing anything about this leaked script…

Lol I had the same thing happen to my servers, some dudes copied everything we had (except my private addons), even our loading screen, our rules and they filed similar domain names for their websites. It was kinda funny to be honest, I think their servers are still up (it started some 9 months ago) :v:

Got a link? This sounds hilarious.

The .com one seems to be down, but they still have the domain name for a few more months though (my domain is .net), it used to be some weird looking website.

I can’t seem to find the IP-address of their game servers right now though (I removed them from my “favorites” last month though, so I know it must’ve recently closed down if anything).

Occasionally I’d have people joining my server and being like “wow this place is totally different from an hour ago” (thinking we were the same server) and “wow man your other servers fucking SUCK!” etc, then I’d go on to explain the situation and they’d laugh their ass off :v: