TheWalkingDeadGB/Roleplay/No KoS (Newly opened server)

Hello guys we are looking for new active players to join our server the rules are as followed…

*Play under Role play
*No kill on Sight
*You may PvP but under role play (example… give me your loot or ill kill you)
*You can attack bases while the owner is inside but under role play (example… hand over X amount or were going to break in and take it all)
*You may attack bases while they sleep
*You can defend your base from players but under role play (example… leave my land before I blow you away)
*Airdrops are full PvP so you go there at your own risk!

If this is your kind of thing then your more than welcome to join the server… only started last night so its pretty fresh!

Server name: TheWalkingDeadGB/Roleplay/No KoS


(User was banned for this post ("missed the servers subforum" - postal))

There’s a forum for this.

I’m going to join and just KOS everybody.

@ Kila58

Maybe you should try and role play first? you never know you might love it,
I dont really like the ban hammer but if you choose to break the rules and ruin it for everyone else then thats fine. simple ban

lol… Because there aren’t better servers out there… I choked on my drink reading this. Kila58 ftw.

So if I come on and mass RDM everyone including you as “The Governor” is that acceptable? :smiley:

where is the server located??? us or eu???

We can go on together, then I can would kill your mother when you were a child and that rage grew into a mental distortion so everybody would look like me and you could go on a axe murder rampage.