TheWarZone! New Server! Started 2/5/14 Low Pop, Noob Friendly/Sleepers/PvP/Drops@5/Events!

This server was started on Feb/5/2014 its brand new. Right now there are not many people on it so if you want to learn building now is the time to set up in peace and get strong to fight off raiders!.

Air Drops are set to 5 ppl min but Admins have been known to do drops with fewer occasionally.

When population is is higher Events will be held like scavenger hunts, Arenas, and tag.

This is a Noob Friendly server, one of the admins is working on a safe “beginning” housing complex for new players who just want to be relatively safe while they farm resources for their own spot.

This is a Rust++ server, Sleepers are on and PvP is encouraged.

Admins are friendly and helpful as long as you don’t hack your good to go.

Come play!

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not three" - postal))


Arena building starts tomorrow watch my stream to see it go up! ~08:00 Pst