"They are adapting" Infected Police Officer shooting another Infected

C&C mainly on Muzzleflash and Blood and stuff.


Stop in the name of my hunger and sickness.

Sthup raight der cruhmuhnal skuhm! Yhur brain iz nuw furfeit!

That tracer actually looks a little off center with the muzzle flash.

Damn youre right, I fucked up there.

My heart bleeds because there’s a tracer there ;_;

“i wurnder wut dis dose”

Aw man this is just like counter strike.

In addition to the tracer, the officer’s left arm makes it look strange. But you did well in areas others would not, such as the posing of the infected in the background. I’d give it a B+.

tracers? from a glock?

aside from that, tracers don’t even ignite that close (which is why they’re not used in pistols - by the time they ignite, you’re not likely to hit anything anyway)

I don’t see any blood, and the muzzle flash just doesn’t look right.

i see blood but it looks more like coffee stains somehow hurtling through the air

Maybe, he isn’t adapting. Maybe he’s remembering what he once was, and hates what he has become.

Shit just got deep.

Maybe that infected was breaking the law…

For wearing under-garments in the mall.

Also deep.

The posing on the officer is really quite bad, his waist is too far back and its stretching the belt texture while his arm is too far forward.

First time doing tracers, I just thought it looked cool.
I dunno about the blood though could anybody tell me whats wrong with it?
Thanks for all your feedback :buddy:!