They are in kijuju. Generic BSAA agent pose.



Graphics look pretty low.

I think its like a representation or recreation of RE5, Kijuju is the region where RE5 takes place, the text comes from the game too.

But its a bad one, since the text doesnt blend in properly.

Graphics is low, because i have old computer !

Oh you.

Any ideas how to improve ?

The posing is fine. Have stuff going on.

Well, the posing is fine, and the angle is ok.
The text is quite low-res and its cutted on the middle.

And even if your PC gets slow as fuck, try taking the SS with full graphs mate.

Its slow enough with even medium settings. I have intel bitchface family(alot of numbers and letters here) video card :frowning:

  • I can’t use anti analising so i use gaussian blur on every screenshot.

Pose first, set up the camera, and when you’re ready to take the picture THEN switch to high settings and shoot.


Gaussian blur is photoshop filter