They are Just Walikng...

My First post

man, lots of walking poses nowadays, people running out of ideas

And then when people run out of ideas for places to walk, we will have standing poses.

then we won’t even have poses. Just ragdolls sitting there.

then its like props only or scenebuilds or something after that, then gmod 12 comes out with cryengine 3 and new ideas arise from the shadows

What is this Walikng?
I have never heard of this…
The guy at the end is floating, but everything else very nice :slight_smile:

he is korean like me.
understand him.

I understand language barriers, but that is a simple typo… I make them all the time. Nothing wrong with it, just supposed to be walking, not walikng.


it’s just mistake type

lol, wtf random

sorry, My mistake

is it just me or does it look like the graphics are turned down all the way?

Did you use sharpen? It looks like it. Looks pretty bad.

I often use sharpen effect… but This work i use that too many