''they are surrounding us!''

Edit and pose by me, .jpg raped the quality :/. C&C please.


Amazing posing there. Smoke is good too, muzzleflashes are alright. Maybe a bit too big.

More faceposing would have given the pic a little more life.
Also the place looks to yellowish.

But the pose is good and the props usage ish really good too. :slight_smile:

Random props are random. A bucket with pieces of wood sticking out of it? And the guitar…lol. They need more faceposing. The overall ragdoll posing is fine though. Guy in the back is seeing butterflies.

Thanks buddy! I agree with you about the muzzle flashes.

Smoke is a little too thick and perfectly rounded; looks like it’s just painted on with a soft, round brush.
Muzzleflashes look distinctly copied and pasted.
Bloom and contrast are both too harsh.
Shells don’t eject upwards.
Guy at the back doesn’t seem to be looking in the same direction he is firing.
It’s nice how fully you made the scene with props but, as stated above, they are incredibly random.
Posing is okay but the camera angle is quite poor and unexciting, as is the concept of shooting off-screen.

Who are surrounding them? Why is that baldy holding the gun like that? And too much bloom but posing is good except of gun clipping.