looks great… is it all ingame?

His chest looks a little tilted but the background looks really nice(Altho its a little too blurry IMO).

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Ignore ratings, they mean nothing.

I’ve added a bit of darkened borders in Photoshop and raised the contrast to the slightest degree. The rest is in-game using bloom mainly.

And @ Santz,

I’ve actually tried to correspond this posing to an actual real-life posture of me running, and I took into consideration the chest should be tilted, a lot, (especially if you’re just at the start of your sprint), the arms would be infront and behind the torso, etc etc. So this should be pretty realistic, try it yourself. :smiley:


Oh and yes the smoke/particle effects are all in-game.

The editing looks nice, and the running pose is realistic, but what is the reference?

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looks cool

It’s pretty cool. His chest should be fixed though, it looks very unnatural.

This is now my desktop.


hell im making it menu BG for Gmod too

Looks great

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That looks heap freaky… people rated it dumb because you made them scared… :smug:
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Funny cuz I also made the newer, global Gmod background, so ill take that as #2 xD

it’s poses not pose’s

Ah thanks…

Pretty cool. Simple but effective.