They are Watermelons - Ep3 - Dream

This is the story of 2 Watermelons hanging out, and doing stuff. One of them is called Charles, the other is called Dan (Dan is normally on the right if that helps).
This particular episode has something to do with a dream, or dreaming. Or something.


That was beautiful, great job

Amazing! great job,dude :slight_smile:

That was amazing. Love the skybox effects.

Nice, very artistic.

You Sir, get an Artistic.

That was great.

He Should really get a new friend.

These always made me sad, but I :h: them.

This was amazing! Great work.

That was awesome! I think that is the only time i’ve saw Dan smile :smiley:

Yeah, technology has finally advanced enough to make it possible.

What song is playing at 0:33?

You seem to take a little inspiration from David Firth with the abstract scenery and voice acting etc, maybe you should have a look at his work
yours is in a different area though, you manage to be funny :stuck_out_tongue:

Not really into these kind of videos, but this was really good. And your voice acting is perfect!

This was brilliant. I am sure i have seen something on tv. must be an influence from it. Artistic.

I’m in love with your effects such as the color correction and skybox it makes me happy.

Wow… i never knew melons could be so… moving, good vid :slight_smile:

That was perfect, I wish the episodes came out more often though.

I apologize for that. University has been keeping me busy