They Call me Stubs

What is this i dont even-

Yeah well , basically , what is this about? I don’t get it.

STUBS is a warristic expression directed toward male chauvinism still rampant in today’s society. Soldiers, although physically stronger, but with less intellect are treated badly and put down by nerdes who feel insecure about themselves. If nerdes had more experiences with soldiers, they wouldn’t be so retarded and prejudiced against soldiers. The incompetence of nerdes, leads into peace-ism. I hereby challenge all the nerdes here to grow as human beings and make sure they and they’re nearest ones won’t be peace-ist.


And he also doesn’t have legs

I accept your challenge.

What’s a nerde?

this what even don’t I…

I expected Stubs the Zombie

I expected Congressman Stubbs from GTA IV: TLAD with his penis of doom. Then I realized that the Stubbs i’m thinking about has two B’s