They can play and we cant -Shutdown server-? DEV Look

I am refering on the post about reasons behind the DDOS

-They are not actually DDoSing, they are using a vulnerability in the uLink DLL with very little effort.

-They want Garry to open the servers hostings to everyone and not have to go through hosts that ask 30$ to have your own server.

-They want Garry to better develop the Linux version of the game.

-They also have able to ****whitelist some servers. There is one FR server that is immune to the attack. “Logged on some of the whitelisted servers and they are not having any issues”

TL;DR: They want open access to server hosting and better Linux version

Wouldnt it be fairer if you shutdown all of your servers so nobody can play during this issue and until its fixed then atleast we the consumers who are getting attacked aswell as you guys would get some statisfaction knowing that they cant play.

Theres alot of hate going around at the moment but this game is still in Alpha stage which some people maybe has overlooked when they bought the game and by DDOSing it will only delay the production time of new features and bug fixes.

Server Owners

The most unfair thing is that some of us bought servers to be able to enjoy the game but we cant and our time period is still counting down and now we have had 3 days almost unplayable. "We wont get refunded days for the DDOS attacks"
They should halt our time period until its fixed and I think only Facepunch can talk to them about that.


I say just take all french servers offline. Battle the people doing this by disabling their servers. Fight fire with fire.

I have tested this with a friend, he was on a uk server whilst i stayed on [FR] [LBC] Le Brasse Casses. I already read through on jeuxvideo all of the message boards and they have stated they have whitelisted the servers that there friends plays on.

Shutdown all servers is a good idea imo.


Facepunch is doing what is right by fixing the flaws that were present with uLink. Nothing gets solved by punishing players that are whitelisted. Yeah it’s unfair to us as players who can’t play on our own servers but it will eventually end we just have to wait it out.

To server owners whining that they’re not going to get refunds for lost days, you knew by buying the game and the server, that the game is in Alpha and issues like this might happen.

I get the uLink issues, however we are past the point of these guys white-hatting and doing this to show how they can fix it. In regards to further Linux support, a game this early in Alpha that ALREADY has a Linux client? OK, it may not be perfect, but how many games go into alpha at this stage with ANY TYPE OF LINUX SUPPORT?

It’s more common now, but still virtually fucking none!

If these are actually the DDOS’ers reasons, they are every bit as stupid as they have made themselves sound so far.

We are aware of that and mostly when things like this happen the dev would prob fix that within hours. but this has been going on for over 3 days.

Congrats it’s holidays, better take an effort saying thank you, that they’re actually slowly fixing it during the holidays.

Really I knew when I rented a server that an outside group would attack and take down servers for 3 days? Thank you for 1 telling me what I know and 2 assuming I would have thought this up before hand.

Yes if there was a bug that made the game unplayable it would be one thing but no I did not assume i couldn’t play due to attacks of this nature

I think shutting down all servers WOULD be a good idea, show the Ddossers that they can’t just do this to people who have bought rust to play to get the things THEY want.
However, it would be annoying for the people who CAN still play Rust if they then get butted out. But fighting fire with fire MAY be a good tactic. Show who’s boss. Although, i will be happy when any flaws in Ulink are sorted, so I can play again :smile:

It really doesn’t matter what they want, because they’re not going to get it through exploiting/DDoSing/threats.
They might have good intentions and want to improve some aspects of the game, but downing game servers because they can’t host their own is stupid.

Rust won’t be done for years. It’s alpha, meant for testing and not really gameplay, and people need to learn to be patient - stuff will be fixed.

I dont know if they realise it but they are completely halting the production on new features and upcoming bug fixes.

No shit, because they’re fixing the current most biggest problem, to stop little whiny kiddies like you.

Why am I not surprised that its French people being huge faggots.

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I know you are angry that you cant play the game but it isnt my fault and taking your anger issues out on me doesnt help you that much by the looks of it.

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You clearly didn’t get what my opinion about all this is, but anyway thanks for the good tip, I really needed it, especially from YOU. I’m not angry at all, my point is, yes game is not playable right now, and I’m waiting patiently until it will be fixed. Not like you or some other guy who is crying that he’s not going to be refunded for the lost days on his server. We all know by buying this game that this is Alpha and these kind of issues might appear.

Cant they make it so that you block France from accesses to the IP’s

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I actually entered a ticket with HFB Servers, the company that hosts my server and they said that they have added time to billing cycles for things like this before, but had currently not decided whether that was going to happen or not this time. So it could still happen, possibly depending on who hosts your server.

Also, the game has been working perfectly after about 8pm PST up until at least 5am the last two days so… in my book that’s not too bad considering.