They Can't take our love

Spent some time on this. Felt like I had to do something after having been lured in here again by Egevened. It’s 4 years since I actually did anything in Gmod, and then it was mostly shitty personal skin comics that weren’t funny. Blablabla.

Original shot:

Setup and fill-up-the-row bonus:

C&C is greatly appriciated.

Concept and cam angle is alright, but that bush texture is ruining the picture.


I tried to patch up the bush, but to no avail…

Maybe I should download the Fakefactory pack and see if that helps. He does have some good textures after all. Don’t really have any addons right now.

He has. I got one of his packs (can’t remember which) and it improved a lot of the game contents.

It also takes a shit on a lot. Like many of the characters turning into big testoserone packed shiny hunks. Had it myself back in the days. But yeah, enviromental stuff just gets improved. So I guess I’ll get it and take the shot again and just cut out the bush and adjust it so it fits in and then let everything else be.

Too much stuff to do to bother doing all of it again… But eh, maybe.

Wait… Durr… This is a CS: S map. :v: (Praying for it to be a HL2 model they borrowed)

Well, the much feared problem was true. It’s all CS: S content so it didn’t help with Fakefactory’s pack.

I also take the complete lack of comments as “Nothing to complain about, but it wasn’t anything specially great or anything like that”. So I won’t bump it… Beyond this post.

As a booboo on the bumping wound I put up pictures of the setup in the OP.

It looks pretty good, there aren’t enough details though, it’s a bit empty in some places. You did put some soldiers on top of the building but wall is too plain or something.

Yeah, I get what you mean. It lacks more life. The walls are just walls with some ugly cracks in them. Couldn’t put in more people either without stuffing it and just make it messy either.

Meaning the choice of scenery was bad in the first place.