They deserve it ! Broken man prepares to unleash his wrath

Howdy Folks :clint:

So this is my first, serious attempt at making a comicstrip.
Nothing much to say, it’s my entry into Mutations “Serailkiller Contest”.
The idea was to show the person, reloading his weapon to prepare his murders while he talks to the viewer and shows his motivations.

The last panel was to show him, putting the safety off and throwing the slide to his front position.
(It may be a bit hard to recognize it.)

Long story, short, here it is:

(Click on it, if you wish for fullsize :keke:)
What do think of this crap ?
Post your commonts, critisism, ratings, etc.

Crap? why do you think it is crap
It’s very good indeed, the posing is good and:

Very well posed, but holy shit that story is dark! But hey, to each his own

Nice, I noticed a few typos but no one cares. Great comic. (Coming from a noobie at pretty much everything)

The dark style reminds me of the punisher comic. It’s a great little concept you got there, though it would need some improvements (shading, lightning etc.), but the poses are amazing. I would like to see more of your work.

Yeah kill bitches

Conversationally, I’d put a bullet in the Protagonist’s brain for being such a naive fucktard. But the comic itself was relatively well-made. Keep up the good work.

Great work on this!

Your right, the punisher was an inspiration for me, though i aimed more for the self-dialog thing. :keke:

@Red Toaster:
Whoops, sorry for the typos. Guess i should check it twice next time. At least it’s a good thing, the font only uses capital letters, otherwise there would be even more mistakes. :rolleyes:

@archangel125: Can i speek openly ?
A part of this is a bit out of my life, except, i didn’t kill anybody.
But i was hurt so many times, somebody else with a small mind would finally lose it.

Thank you for all your comments, keep 'em rolling.

The blood in the word ‘DIE’ is too bright. That again is my opinion.

Yeah the blood is a more pinkish.

Well, i thought it was “bloody” enough but on the other hand, i hadn’t seen real blood in quite some time.

Maybe next time, i’ll do it more darker. :keke:

The final shot is a little underwhelming, but everything else is nicely put together and the writing is solid.

That’s not enterly my fault. The idea was that the slide kicks forward to it’s front position.
I made two shots, one with the slide backwards and one withe the slide on the front.

I first contacted two friends of mine, who are way better in Post-Editing than me.
They promised me, to help me with it, but were rather busy with WoW and other Crap.
So i had to do it myself and you see it yourself, not the best result.
(You can maybe see the “effect”, if you look at it in the fullsize picture)

i wonder how much the rent costs in gm_construct

Nice comic the posing is fine, story/writing is cool the only thing that bothered me is the way he looks in the last panel it makes him look ridiculous