"They got me, Kee..." Bleeding man sits in tiny boat with 'The Tomorrow' in the background


Shirt fits well, i like it.

Thanks. But only one comment in 2 hours? You can do better!

Clever idea with the shirt logo. Makes the picture somewhat topical.

Great recreation of a great scene in a great film too. Take note of the contours of the face though because the trickle of blood isn’t being changed by the jutting of the jaw and chin.

It’s good, i like it. But boring.

You think you would’ve gotten used to my screenshots being boring by now :buddy:

The blood on his shirt is kinda odd, his shirt should absorb some blood leaving way more blurry egdes. Other then that its good :buddy:

Really nice! Nice editing as usual. Keep it up. :buddy:


3 buddy smileys in a row :ninja:

i haven’t seen this movie in a long, LONG time. nice pose though

Children of Men, am I right?

I have a feeling that Zerax has seen Children of Men too many times :buddy:

London 2012

good pic, but i don’t like the blood… looks too tf2 in a way

I’ve seen it waaay too many times, but it’s just so good :3:


Thanks for the comments, guys!

The blood on his shirt would be a different color, it would be a brownish red
when it stays out of your body for a good time like I remember that movie when he got hit

Fuck, someone beat me to this.

I like this, btw…

The oars looks abit like axeshafts…


It says lodon 212 even if he closes his shirt you know. So not a great job there.
Other then that, I don’t get it, I guess I didn’t see whatever movie this is from.
But the girl looks like she doesnt care he got shot in the chest or w/e

Uh, the shirt is not closed. It’s open, thus why the London 2012 is cut off.
The movie is Children of Men, and the girl is carrying a baby.

I said it will say lodon even IF he closes his shirt…


Because his shirt isnt folded or anything, its just apart, and you just cut away the N … So yeah