"They run like they drunk too much Vodka!" Two Russians fighting off Nazi Zombies

Posed by Me edited by bubz


PM me if you want the models

They’re fucked.
Nobody’s covering their rear.




I don’t like the muzzle flash though. Other than that, A fucking plus :wink:

Oh ya i forgot PM me if you want the models

why don’t you just post them.

nice models and picture, muzzle looks a bit dull though otherwise great pic!

halfdead stop attention whoring and doing EVERYTHING that bloo does
not to mention the skin sucks

Leon stop being a kiss ass for bloo. Bloo wasn’t doing his shit so i went and made nazi zombies and he got jealous besides i did these russians like a month ago

He created Russian soldiers when Bloo was too, he MUST be trying to grab attention.

Shut. The fuck. Up.

Seriously. Bloo doesn’t want your prepubescent penis up his ass. Bloo has taken like two years to port this shit and has only managed to release a handful of weapons and even less ragdolls (on which the skins suck too, so I don’t know why you’re calling H4lf-D3ad out for that because all of the CoD5 models have fucking terrible textures).

Keep on truckin’ H4lf-D3ad. Do what you want to do.

hahaha leon everyone hates you so much

how do you keep on living?

That helmet looks plain awefull. :v:

Nice posing, the angle is fine, the muzzelflash looks a little weird though.

They look too calm for being raided by zombies.
But I take it that these models don’t support faceposer (yet?).

That looks damn smexy Half-dead.

Well they had an alternative : Zombies or coming back to motherland. They had chosen zombies.

My edit has sexy atmosphere.

This is awesome!

DAYUM! :iceburn:
Nice on Halfy.