They Saved Breen's Body!

I dunno where the inspiration for this came from. Oh well.
So I know Breen supposedly got turned into an adviser, but in this version he just got severely hurt and is now on some sort of Combine life-support, awaiting bionic implants or something I dunno.

I’m not too crazy about the lighting in this pic. And I didn’t really do any editing here.
And you can’t really tell it’s Breen in the tank. Also, PHX texture, I know. Just roll with it.

Looks pretty simple but nice.
Posing is ok and the angle looks neat :stuck_out_tongue:

And maybe you can tell me the map you used? :3

Found here:

This is just a scenebuild though. If someone could tell me how to use the mediatags I can show off some other angles.


Leave no spaces :stuck_out_tongue:

As promised, the scenebuild shots.

Mate in the last media you need to put an /

Like this -> [/media]

And dont leave spaces in the picture link.

Thanks. Finally got it right. Here’s another pic, same shot, but Breen is blacked out. I thought this might show up better. It didn’t.

Impressive scene build, posing seems solid. I like it.

What’s up with the two Combine guys in the left corner. They are like: “Work, damn it!”

Quite a convincing scenebuild and the posing is okay. A lot of wasted space with the camera angle though.

But Breen was blown to smitheroons!