They see me rollin'


My first non personal skin picture in like 2 weeks.
C&C and comment and rate and hate etc…

As said on steam, i like it, jpeg raped tho’. :frowning:

Looks nice.

haha realy nice face posing

that’s funny as shit.

Up tha stairs!

Massive Blue on the Saferoom door.
Foot is clipping into the bed.
Louis’ Face looks like a “D:”
Jpeg compression.
Louis’ ass is floating.
Zoeys right arm looks a bit weird.

Other then that, it’s fine. Rated funny

Pretty funny bro

4/5 are correct, but Louis’ ass isn’t floating, I even nocollided louis so he wouldn’t float. I do admit, it does look like he’s floating.

Ragdolls are a pain sometimes eh.

It seems that Bill is not having fun.

There wasnt any stuff left for Bill to screw arround in :frowning:


“They see me rolin’, they… PILLS!!”

HAHAHA, awesome. Louis is so black…


“Pills, thataway!”

Perfect thread music:


LOL bill is like: Bull frikin horse s*it! I didn’t get the cart?

What song is that? It’s banned in my country :C

They See Me Rollin’

What country do you live in?