They see me rollin'

What I did online today on a build server.

I don’t know. Ask Mr Fantasticool.

it’s gay. have a gaybow.
baw, you made a stupid contraption, I do the obvious thing, you rate me dumb. I’m offended :byodood:

FYI, you’re not going to get a good response; look at some of the other crap people have made in here, look at this piece of garbage, and figure out what kind of drugs you’re on.

Shouldn’t this be in the contraptions sub-forum?

I wouldn’t even call this a contraption. :golfclap:

Contraptions sub-forum is for Wire shit though. This is more of a screenshot of what I did online.

Yes, we can all use the motor tool and easy weld. Perhaps if this were less shitty, you would’ve gotten a better response. If you’re trying to be hurf-durf lawl so randum XD go look for some of Moocow’s contraptions and take inspiration from those.

Lol yeah. You would probably get the shit flamed out of you if you put this in the contraptions forum.

It SHOULD be in the digital void.

It shouldn’t be ANYWHERE.

Congratulations you figured out how to use the wheel tool :downsbravo:

Heh, I reckon it looks pretty cool.

They hatin’

Ironic this is. We see you rollin’, and we’re actually hatin’.