they should add a bean can grenade laucher

what do u guys and girls think???

The bean can launcher was already proposed in my List of old and new suggestions along with a lot more Text.

But since you started a specific topic on it you might aswell properly discuss it - How should it work? It obviously launches bean can grenades but what resources does it take to craft?
It should be very inaccurate and the given chance that a beancan grenade doesn’t explode at all should be kept for the launcher.
The launcher can be loaded with up to 3 beancan grenades at once and can shoot them all in one shot, but takes several seconds to reload.
I Imagine it to have a rusty pipe and a mechanism with a spring and a wheel or crank to reload the spring.

Yeah I hope they add it. It sounds really cool and would be nice to see more improvised weapons as usual.

Could launch it like a potato gun with a bit of flammable gas.