They should implement a way to investigate people who raided you and figure out who they are

i have a nice house in the woods, but every time I log off some asshole raids me. Like…he never tries to raid me WHILE im on, he always does it like at 4am or something while im in bed. I know that technically its fair, but its kind of a dick move and I think their should be a way to counter these little sneaky bastards.

For example, maybe you could set some type of trap that marks them for at least 24 hours or something. While the person is marked, you can see their steam id and their general location.

I know this sounds kinda of stupid, but im honestly not even trying to be creative here. So if you guys have any ideas of ways they could implement a feature like this, post it.

Deal with it.

I think if there is a log/chart that shows who destroyed which object that you built would make sense. However, if I were I dev, I would never go through all the scripting and networking trouble.

Let me go raid you every time you can’t be on that way you have no way of defending your base and see how you like it.

This game is about being clever man. Obviously your house is in a poor location if it is frequently raided!

Try a different spot!

Actually, if the Facepunch forums (and the people who frequent them) are any indicator, this game is about being a complete fuckass to people you don’t know for no particular reason…
Raiding makes sense if you need supplies the target has, but destroying their shit just for the sake of destroying? That’s just being a prick, plain and simple. You can try to defend it all you want and talk shit about people who “cry” about people doing it, but that doesn’t change the fact it’s a dick move.
That is literally the biggest reason preventing me from getting Rust. It’s going through a “DayZ phase” where Youtube’s making it popular and attracting all sorts of no-life assholes who really have nothing better to do than troll around various online games fucking with as many people as they possibly can.

Im in a woods with lots of trees and lots of wolves. I thought it would be a good spot because of the wolves driving people away.

Its frequently raided by the same guy. I’m pretty certain. I can tell he only keeps doing it to prove me wrong. Basically, when I get on, half my defenses will be missing, so I rebuild them and add even more defenses. But when I get back on, he destroys them again. Then the process kinda keeps repeating itself. Its as if he is saying “nope, you can’t keep me out”. But I don’t really give a fuck about this little game he thinks we are playing. I just want him to fuck off and leave me alone.

I never once saw wolves as a threat. They are resource piles that FOLLOW YOU.

I do agree with that idea !

I don’t know how they could implement that and I don’t think it should actually be a penalty for the raider but adding some “counterplay” to the raid mechanic would be really great.

I’m not for a systematic way of knowing who raided you and how, though. But some defenses mechanisms that would give you a hint on who came near your house/inside it while it’s activated would be nice.
Like some security camera that you would activate for a day and that would record who come inside one of the cells of your houses (only one, so it’s not really op).
Of course it should have a high cost so it would be more about knowing who is constantly raiding you (like you describe) rather than just knowing everything that’s happening in your neighbourhood. So it wouldnt change much things for occasionnal raids.

I would imagine there will be a mod for this eventually, it’s a good idea.

I like the idea, but i think it should something craftable, not something automatic. Something like exploding paint trap (think bank notes style) that you can craft and attach to doors/walls. If someone is hit by it, THEN the server tell syou who it was. Does that make sense?

I agree 100%. Maybe after a few months they will get bored and move to another game leaving the rest of us with a game that we love to play.

Pretty much this.

Right now Rust is the YouTube/Streamers love child, which means every knobjockey on the internet is flinging themselves at the game, hacks and all. Hopefully it will calm down when “the next big thing” comes along. :slight_smile:

Exactly what I’m thinking/hoping.