They should put your rust skins on S&box

please put rust skins on S&box

for what? this is not rust



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cool lol

just make an add-on for it. that’s the entire point of the game

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this is not r&st its s&box :frowning:

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i was saying that cuz they are using rusts guns

what is purpose to put skin in sandbox game just because it is rust guns? also you can make skin as much as you like s&box allow you to modification as you please what you told that isn’t facepunch job at all

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I’m assuming the reason they are using rust assets is because s&b and rust are both owned by Facepunch so they have the rights to the models which makes things easier for testing rather than making a brand new model just for a test to use preexisting assets.

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What’s with all the hate? I don’t see why not.


I don’t get it either. But I don’t like the OP “demands” to have some rust skins on S&Box. If s/he really want them to be included, then maybe it’s time for him/her to learn modelling and texturing

I mean they’re already porting rust assets, and many of them have different skins, why not import those as well? HL2 also had many skins for the same prop. Same thing.

oh wait i made it sound demanding? also I’m a male

its not facepunch’s job to do so lol. its a sandbox game. anyone can make that an add-on.

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Considering Rust assets are Facepunch property, I would say it’s Facepunch who should do it. And in case you haven’t realized: they’re already doing it.

you know what skins are right?

Yes I know, and it’s not just guns that have them. If Rust has multiple barrels that differ just on how they look (not on their shape) AND Facepunch is already importing those as well, why shouldn’t they do the same for guns?

You do realize that they are using Rust viewmodels out of convenience right? They didn’t find it necessary to model brand new assets for a game in what is essentially pre-alpha and has gone through multiple engine swaps. Placeholders, you know? They didn’t just have some burning desire to use Rust assets for their new game…

Also, where is your source on that btw?

You obviously need to do some reading. They’re intending to fully use the Rust assets on release.

You can see that on the FAQ and it’s been stated many times. Just check their commits.

Trust me bro

nice source :slight_smile: