They Should Wipe the Server: There is so much lag

They should wipe the map the server is crazy with 100+ people connecting and super tall towers and houses everywhere

(User was banned for this post ("Look around before you post, stop asking for server wipes" - postal))

(User was permabanned for this post ("banned on alts" - postal))

The server can’t handle all this stress, because of the dupers spamming their things in order to force a wipe it’s way worse than during the Reddit boom.

Nobody saw this coming, if not a wipe, a quick fix wouldn’t be bad.

I think this is just normal, I mean it’s just an alpha and they only have one server. I think they’re stress testing the server to know its limits.

a wipe would be best…

today i stumbled upon a building… well at first ALL I SAW was doors… TONS OF METAL DOORS (if i would be asked to give a number, it would be around 100+ metal doors)
and then after the “lag spike” it all got covered by walls…

it was the size of 20X20 (i guess) foundations and 5-7 floors high…

and that’s just ONE “duped” building…

Even if they’re testing, atleast fixing along the way wouldn’t hurt. It’s hitting it limit soon, maybe can hold 100-150 more players at once with all these things being placed on the map.

I wasn’t aware of that duplicate stuff, I haven’t played the game for a few weeks.

Just read back a page or so. Esco and a few others mass duped foundations, beds, doors and other supplies and placed them allover the map.