They told us it was an Evac point..

C&C :slight_smile:

Those people don’t look very healthy…
But great picture!

I wanted to say the exact same thing Noteloc… :C

Also, Coach got his armor! Nice!

Hehe lol, he sure did

They’d been dead for days I assume :stuck_out_tongue:
Really nice pic Hairy, The smoke has a really nice depth and the posing is quite nice.
But the faceposing on Nick doesnt fit well IMO.

Looks really nice, although the posing is abit stiff on Nick. Otherwise, looks good.

Thousand posts! :smiley:

The fog is a little blurry and thick but nice posing, camera-angle and prop-placement.

But yawn cs_assault.

Bah, no reason to complain. He used the map correctly. Making the pic look excellent.

I’m struggling to find some actual good maps that aren’t from the original CSS…
If anyone got some links that would really help.

It’s not the map, it’s just that Hairy uses it in pretty much 90% of his pictures.

Why does Coach hate nick?

Coach hates nick?

Same here buddeh.

I can clearly tell that Coach’s baseball and Nick’s face had a close encourter.

… no offence, the picture itself is great :smiley:

Uhm no, they just arrived and realised they had been screwed by the military

“I can clearly tell that in this picture I didn’t make that there is a backstory involved that I have invented myself. It’s obvious.”

Nick should look more angry/pessimistic than shocked/sad.


I’m not sure, but Nick’s faceposing looks a bit odd. Other than that, great picture.

wow jesus I just can say about this is awesome