They walk among us! player zombies

I miss zombies… a lot. So I have come up with this possible alternative;

If a player dies of eating uncooked human flesh, he dies and becomes a zombie for a set duration until killed (one day/night cycle or a time decided by server admin) and the following attributes apply for the duration;

  1. Player force respawns naked at random location (sleeping bags disabled for duration) as a zombie (perhaps with special bloody avatar skin)
  2. zombies cannot pick up, equip or use any new weapons or tools. rock attack only. (unless they add an unarmed attack like a bite, which would be great)
  3. zombies do +200% damage with rock.
  4. zombies move at +50% run speed.
  5. If zombie uses “V” to speak only screams or horrible noises come out.

OK, tear this idea apart.

I could totally see someone turning this into a mod. I would be really excited to play it. I don’t think it should be in the vanilla gameplay though. They took out zombies because they didn’t want to be compared to other zombie survival games. It would be counterproductive to go back now.

Exactly, sounds like modded server content, it would be cool, but would require quite a lot of work

As a mod, this sounds like a great idea with some adjustments (like having half the server become zombies at once so they can use teamwork).

As official content, no, zombies were removed 15 months ago, get over it. This literally punishes the player by removing the entire inventory system and everything in it from their use and forces them to walk around as a pinata. Basically, your idea would be to kill them for eating human flesh, and then make them waste their time until they get killed a second time by players who can run twice as fast as them and use guns.

All because you miss something that was removed from legacy over a year ago. There are plenty of zombie survival games out there if you want to fight zombies. DayZ, H1Z1, and 7DTD are a few of these (Rust’s player count on Steam exceeds all of them, in both current and the 24-hour peak count, interestingly, and it’s not just legacy servers making up the playercount).

Zombies are just overdone everywhere. They’ve become such a staple of pop culture now and media of all types is just oversaturating with all things zombie. Any appeal of something zombie-related has been ruined for me. Back when L4D first came out, it was damn cool and somewhat original. Not so much anymore.

Rust is a very unique concept. It needs to stay original. Adding something as unimaginative and cliché as zombies would just ruin it and reduce it to the level of the other shitloads of zombie-based games out there. I know it would likely lose my interest. FP made a good call removing them from the game as far as I’m concerned.

By “adding” you mean putting back in the original idea of the game. Yes, there are plenty of zombie game out there now. Rust, without them, is still a better game, I agree. My idea would likely be better served as a mod, agreed as well.
However, I still feel the game needs an additional threat aspect. Bears and wolves don’t pose any real problem. I would just like to see Rust move beyond the only threats being people running hacking programs.

Rust will be incredibly mod friendly someday in the future, and I’m really excited for that day, but that is where this idea belongs. Not vanilla.

The additional thread aspect you’re missing is going to be filled with better animal AI, and more deadly environments/weather. Just wait for these things and let development happen, even something this simple that you’re asking for would take time, and in that amount of time you’d probably make another thread just like this. Be patient.

They actually weren’t the original idea. They were always meant to be placeholder art that they bought off the unity store. Once they had their proof of concept they were going to work on changing it, but then their popularity exploded and they had to do it sooner.

ROFL I thought you were thinking about non-speaking KOS naked freshmens with rocks.

I am glad that zombies went away and I absolutely don’t wish them to return.
They have disgusting smell, look and habits.
The idea of turning dead players into some other kind of creatures and make them play their roles (as a form of punishment, for example), however, is good. Why not make this mutants?

Mutants can be human like, but bulky creatures with primitive or deformed faces.
They can’t make and use firearms and other complex weapons and devices, but have higher health and stamina. Can have higher (or lower, if need to balance them) speed. They are more tolerable to cold and radiation (maybe aren’t affected by it at all) and can eat raw meat. They are stronger and deal 1,5 more damage in hand to hand combat (also with bows, since draw them stronger). And they mine more resources with one strike. Maybe they can even have night vision.
To stop being mutant player should kill some number of normal players and after this will be given choice to stay mutant or to return to human form. This will ensure mutants will hunt human players.

Or players can be just turned into wolves or bears with the same task of hunting other players.

This way people will go into mutant mode to harvest stuff and kill themselves to become normal?