They want their intel back!
(models look better in-game. its the stupid that lowers the quality…)


Bad posing, and I think you overdid the effect in the background

HL2 Textures + TF2 Textures
Not a good mixture

You should use reference pictures to see how the run or walk, not bad. But it is the options you did to make it look worse, you need to use a console command to increase jpeg quality (forgot the command).

^ You can edit it in the “Q” menu. :buddy:

Cool idea, but your posing makes my eyes crying.
First of all, when you’d posing some TF2 characters, do it on a TF2 map. The difference between TF2 design models and hl2 maps makes people confused and the scene seems to be a clutter. Then, try to find an other angle otherwise that standard one. And finaly, work your Demoman posing.

The uploader doesn’t ruin the quality of the picture.

@adrien The demoman ragdoll was giving me issues and i did not feel like reposing him… I know lazy me…

@leon I agree the screenshot quality is not that great, but aparently there is a way to change the quality, i just need to find it.