They're coming from the left, bring the rpg

I always think that some torn, eastern European flag wouldn’t look out of place on HL2 rebel pictures.

Also, I like that you included two silhouettes in the background.

Well half life 2 did take place in Ukraine.

that is debatable

it doesn’t take place in anywhere in particular. there’s Soviet-era cars all around, a couple signs in Swedish in EP2, all kinds of crazy shit more or less meant to just look Eastern-European.

This is super awesome. However, a super tiny problem I have with it, is that the combine on the far right look duplicated.

I fucking love the mixture of the BF3 battle noises and the City 17 alarm.

Riga, Lativa, according to some archived thread’s contributer who seemed to have intimate knowledge of region-specific dialect found in-game. But it is an anywhere eastern-Europe.

That’s too bad because they’re not.

Amazing as usual Exorade, you don’t happen to have a pic of the whole scene?

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Uh, i’ve played EP2 tons of times and there’s nothing in swedish in it. I think i would’ve noticed.

As much as I love this. I just have a hard time seeing rebels with that gear that they have.

Where did you get the RPG model? May I please have a link?

You sire, are amazing.

Thanks for all the feedback :downs:


what map is that?

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no wait screw that, what are those relatively hi-res buildings far in the background?

They’re from the S.t.a.l.k.e.r. building packs.