They're coming

when I first started editing it, I didn’t really like it. By the end, I didn’t mind how it came out. I quite enjoy the painting like effect that The lamps/editing gave it. Her face kind of looks strange though…

Yes, it is a small image.

Didn’t really want to make a thread for it though. I forgot to pose her face


the originals.

Another one of these?

Oh well, at least it looks good.


I have to say, I feel like Ben_wolfe with this sexy avatar that I have :buddy:

Looks cool.

Juraj you on crack or something?

I like the lighting, it is kinda too red, as i pointed already, but i like it :slight_smile: Neat atmosphere.

This thread is now about Elmo.

He sure is fuzzy. But his voice is a little high.


Jokes aside, I really like the pose. The lighting is fantastic and so is the posing.

She is standing next to a fire btw.

I like it. Decent work. Light is pleasing to the eye. So is Zoey:smile:

if they’re coming, why isn’t she running? shooting, or something?

or she wants to be cummed too…


Nice light effects, The zombies shadows in the background look good too.

Lovely shading and combination of originals. I have this thing against resizing pictures though.

since this is more long than wide, i will make this my phone backround!

I was thinking of Alfred Hitchcock when I opened this, but I like this nonetheless.

The background grass is so ugly so it draws your eyes away from the lovely shading and posing.

damn, look at the lighting
looks sexy