"THEY'RE SHELLING US!" The two remaining rebels try to evade the combine's last resort

PRO TIP FROM A PRO: Skip to 1:20 and then view the image for niceness


Thanks to BlackRazor88 for the help :smiley:

Nice work Deri, and I didn’t really do that much… just a few tips :stuck_out_tongue:

anyways, have a palette.

Thanks mate :smiley:

Posing’s good.

Would’ve been better if you could see a shell about to hit. Nice pose though.

That’s a cool idea… Damn them saves not working! D:

The posing is…passable, but it doesn’t look like there was much work put into this.

Why is he running? All he has to do is hit that zombie with his LAZER EYES.

The fog and his eyes are the only things i don’t like.

The fog should cover everything but closer to the camera it should be clearer,
and it should be blocked in the background so that it blends in, in other words, containers over the parts where the trees stop.

Thanks for the criticism guys. I’ll keep these in mind on my next pose.