They're so pretty when they're unable to move...


Eerie. I like it.

That and I’m sure he loves to fap to comatose girls.

Certainly not the image I’d like to invoke in my head, but perhaps he would, I’m not sure. Hehe, I’m glad you like it. I hope it’s not to Fear57 or whatever his fetish person’s picture-esque things.

Very clever work having the glasses be illuminated.

I like your style.

The screenshot successfully conveys the creepy.

Eh, the posing on the woman is pretty stiff…


Pyramid Head-The younger days.

Posing on the guy is pretty wonky but it’s still very atmospheric.

Why thank you, I was going to have the lamp turned on behind him, but I thought it’d ruin the whole dark persona with him. Only being able to see his glass spark from a distant light, creeps me out thinking about it actually, heh.

Well I’m glad so :smiley:

Haha, well I guess she is pretty stiff. Though I think I’d rather have a girl stiff than a guy.

In aspect I agree, though I tried to make him slightly comfortable while swaying his feet to the rythm of the music.

Very nice, I like the tone of the picture. The only thing I notice is the left leg of the guy sitting, it looks like his shin is bent.

Thought this would be a Ryu-Gi related thread. Wasn’t far off.

reminds me of Kevin from sin city