"They've deployed gas..."

Why do you insist on using PNGs? Srsly?

What’s wrong with PNG?

Nice picture by the way, I can’t complain really.

maybe he really hates PNG because of a long picture loading

should’ve wait till it finish the loading.

There’s virtually no difference between a high quality JPG and a normal PNG except the former loads so much faster.

loads just fine for me, and i got bad connections. Looks good anyways, leave it be if you really want it png. If it works, it works.


also it’s a pair of dudes who look totally uninterested in a totally uninteresting setting, with washed out colours and mist (presumably the aforementioned gas) around the bottom of the picture. the lighting is great but in terms of being generic and outright fucking boring, the only thing it lacks is black bars.

jesus christ, make a picture which is actually interesting for once. all your pictures are exactly the same.

Ya they kind of are to be honest.

ok. I’ll get any ideas so you can give me some ideas

some guys who aren’t ~MODERN OPERATORS~ in an environment that isn’t monochrome doing something that isn’t standing in the open and shooting and/or aiming offscreen


This might give you some ideas.