"They've Got a Terminator!"

  • Destroying the Connor Blood-line in any way Possible -


The bullet-hole on the hand was very fiddly and didn’t turn out very well

looks epic.
is that the normal german model your useing?

Why did I luagh at this?
It looks nice.

You tell me, i can’t remember if i skinned it or not – Original:


Overall, it looks nice, my only issues are:

-The fire, or explosion, or whatever it is, still has some black in the background, it looks badly cut out.
-That weird dot on his hand is reeeeally distracting. What the hell is it?
-The shadow on his face makes no sense, where is the light supposed to be to cast such a shadow?


-Also, it looks like the wall of the house shifts when it passes through the german. :confused:

  • It wasn’t cut out - i made it through a tutorial and a few grunge stuff added. The black is there through a diferent mistake… :smiley:
  • The dot on the hand is a bullet hole.
  • Perhaps there is a fire off-screen or something, i don’t know DOES IT MATTER? i wanted to have a glowing eye!

I don’t like it, nice try though.

Hm, doesn’t really look a whole lot like a bullet hole, maybe if you added some blood dripping out (because the terminators do have blood) And the shadow does matter because it is distracting, and detracts from the overall picture (and imo it would have looked better with the shadow over both eyes with the red dots poking out)

In my Unprofessional opinion, you should have added some shrapnel coming from the explosion or tearing his clothes.
And as someone else said, some blood on the hand.

since when?!

There are two squiggly little lines of blood there!! :v:

Sorry boss i’ll make better picture next time =(

Have you even watched terminator?

Don’t make me get out the whip >=(

The bullet hole is pretty bad (and absolutely tiny) and the blood coming out of it isn’t great. The black outline on the fire is also a shame because the rest is awesome.

oh r8 lol. i guess my memory of terminator is a little hasey. sry bout that.

I like it, :v:
Except from the bullet hole and the jacket or whatever going through his pants…Chesty will probably find a better way to explain this :hurr:

he is zeh Germinator

The editing is wierd, the eyes looks too pasted on, and just glowing, makes it look like you used a very cheap effect. :v:
The posing is also a little strange, the way he is standing.
The explosion in the back look very strange too, especially the colors.
Other than that, its fine.


They have it to look human when they get shot, go watch terminator…

funny fact that Arnold is Austrian…

I’m listening The Terminator theme, and when the “dudun-dun-dudun, dudun-dun-dudun, DUDUN-DUN-DUDUN” part plays, I see the thread title…

Rest in Peace, Stan.