They've re-added headbobbing?

What the hell is with the headboobing crap been added again? I mean when hatcheting a tree the screen bouncing up and down, gives me a headache and makes me feel sick, and i know im not the only one.

It was taken out the game a while back so i decided to come back and start playing it again, but it seems its been sneakily re-added again. Cant play the game with this crap going on, i mean why?? whats the point in it.

Make the game more realistic?, have you ever chopped down a small tree before?, you can’t have your head 100% still

There is almost nothing realistic in Rust, it’s a game… gameplay should be the priority

I hope they will re-add headbobbing while running like it was in legacy. Helps for immersion. It was really amazing feeling. And now it feels like you’re riding on a tram.

RIP in Peperinos

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I could point out 1000 things in they game that are not “realistic” To me this headboobing crap is a game killer, cant play it simple as without feeling like i want to throw up.

It got removed because im sure of the reason it creates motion sickness (even know i dont get that irl) I dont understand why it got re added imo, maybe its some sort of april fools joke.

I’d rather play a game that’s fun, rather than a game that’s realistic and makes me sick from the head bobbing.

Its gotta go, or at the very least, be made less intrusive.

If you want real, then why cant we chop the trees down like in “The Forest” and carry the logs back to our crapshack

Stare at your screen. Keep your eyes focused on the screen. Move your head back and forth and up and down. Does your vision bounce up and down? Mine doesn’t. My head is moving and the only negative is that my coworkers are looking at me like I am crazy.

It makes me indeed see-sick. When i farm trees / rocks during the day, i need to look away ( and at times get killed because i do not see people ).

I found that night farming is the only good way to prevent this. As its so dark you are safer from enemies and you do not see the swings. Boring as hell also but …

Never understand why they make farming not a mini-game. Left click holding = 20 resources per hit. But if you … left click now, right at x event, left on x event … and you gain double or triple the resources the more you click at the right moment, you feel more motivated to gain resources faster.

It’s infuriating! They already removed it once because it gave everybody motion sickness, and now they have re-introduced it again. What are they thinking? Do they want to turn Rust into a motion sickness simulator?

I literally have to turn my head away from the screen whilst farming, or I feel instantly dizzy and sick… does this really help immersion if you can’t look at the screen???

Yep, someone said the same to me, stick a simple on or off in the option menu when you hit F2. If people like it and it dont make their stomach churn then fine, keep it on. For us sickies tho, the ability to turn it off would be a great option. Glad to know im not alone tho.

its meant to be a disadvantage like bleeding or darkness at night, just something you have to cope with. i personally disagree with that, it looks so bad and is just pure annoying, it add nothing. small head nod ok, but now its ridiculous.

I can’t say I have really noticed it. Maybe your frame rate is particularly poor which enhances the effect, no motion sickness here and I do get car sick so. Then again I have not suffered with motion sickness in any games, I think that’s just a personal issue some people have. Is your FOV maxed out? 60 is gross.

Perhaps they can add an option to disable it at some point. But the little quirks are what make games their own unique games. Love or hate. The dirt on lens etc are not “realistic” but they are the next best way to simulate and show effects on your player that you can’t feel. They are trying to make the experience visceral, such is the nature of survival. Headbob is a way to simulate weight and movement. Im sure things will be tweaked.

I actually kind of like a bit of headbob, though I don’t realize how ridiculous is it is Rust Legacy until I come back to it sometimes. Feels like you’ve been thrown in a tumble dryer until you get used to it lol.

Things like headbobbing aren’t meant for realism, they’re meant for immersion. Although It’s always a good thing to have an option to disable it, they’ll add that soon enough.

yeah, gives me terrible headaches. if I wanted insane headbob, I’d play mirrors edge again

Head-bobbing again?
Is this for realz?

I thought we already settled this shit. It was declared shit.

Stop with the shit.

I don’t mind a subtle one. I also don’t like running around the map like I’m in free view mode.

The headbobbing on impact is supposed to act as an indication as to whether the tool you’re using is right or wrong for the job.

If you notice huge amounts of headbobbing while using a hatchet on a rock, it’s because hatchets aren’t ideal for gathering stones, so you get more of an exaggerated camera effect, as well as the item losing durability much faster.

Aside from that, it adds a bit more weight to movements and animations, which I prefer anyway. Rust shouldn’t be an arcade-y feeling experience like a modern warfare shooter or Counter Strike. Doesn’t really feel right in a survival game. I’d say the closest this game should feel like is Dark Souls, where animations have weight to them without being too exaggerated unless something isn’t right with the action you’re performing.

I don’t prefer headbob. It makes me motion-sick.

I understand that some people like it, but make it a setting. If people are worried about balance, turn it off.