thick ass fog

im trying to recreate the fog/draw distance shown below

the way it disappears as i move back, what would you guys reccommend? im not great at figuring out stuff like this.

It looks alright… I’d just remove the Z-Clip Plane because water can be pretty cheap…

lol not i didnt create that, i want to know HOW to create that.

sorry, i wasnt very clear.

Sorry about that xD, you have to mess with the start and end fog values on the “env_fog_controller”. Then for the Z Clip Plane, I just usually add 500 to the end value for it.

uhh late reply here, but make the fog color exactly match your skybox, and doing this in the 3d skybox

Yeah you definitely dont want to use the method in that video since that looks terrible, the way Giraffen is showing is the best way to do it, using a gradient texture in your 3d skybox.

im not too bothered on it being super high quality, i would just like it to shorten the player’s render distance. the map was requested by some dude’s naval server and wanted me to make him a custom one for him so he isnt fussed on detail of the fog.