Thicker Walls?

I was wondering if thicker walls would stop the wall looters? The ones who build themselves in with another wall that pushes them thru a house wall enough for them to loot boxes and bodies for keys and other things.

more curious than anything, but do double layered walls prevent the glitch?

I was actually planning to test that out tomorrow morning. Hope it works, but not getting my hopes up. I build every floor with double layer walls.

My crew usually does it but I have died with double layered walls recently.

As far as I know, yes it does to an extent, you get stuck between the walls when someone double walls but I think you may be able to hit the inside wall so it would be wise to upgrade it too.

Hm, based on the video I saw I think you would get stuck in a double layered wall. Even better, if you made it so the bandit didn’t have enough room to build another wall under his feet, he would be trapped.

I’ve never got stuck on any walls, even 4 walls deep with railings in between, the only way to keep people out of your base is to deny them access to the wall.

I solved the problem! Now I can leave stuff in my house overnight ^^

Now comes forth the question. Can you build a base that will trap exploiters?

Level 6 outer wall. Second inner wall pulled in just enough to ensure they land between them. Line the space in between with bear traps.

Not sure on that last part as the last time I read anything about them, bear traps didn’t work yet. Also, I have no idea how big they are.

Circle base, with floors composed entirely of triangles, crisscrossed with rails, if you allow them to get in they wont be able to make a wall inside to escape. lawl

Wished I could dot the landscape but one building would be labor intensive

Lol, so in other words… “Here’s a suggestion which I haven’t tried myself, and which I think probably doesn’t work anyway”… thanks!