Thief In The Temple

This is probably going to piss off some of the more dedicated Fakefactory haters. But try this with any other model.
I dare you. You can’t. You only get this up close detail with his ports.

If I am not mistaken, this is from Poser, and the quality is unmatched.

Pretty sure you’ve posted this before.


oh it was in the modelling section

nevermind then

Are you just trying to give people er…nevermind.

It’s Rasti.
It’s what he does.


I forgot about that to^^

if she’s a theif

what is she stealing

Stop asking difficult questions about my poses. I never get involved in what my models do:rolleyes:
But she is probably stealing some holy relic. That is what temple stealing thief’s do after all.

Look to Indiana Jones or Lara Croft for such references.

Isn’t it obvious?
It’s February.
She’s stealing you heart.

Just kidding she’s here for your virginity.

I’m totally getting a Bob Chipeska vibe here.

Bob who? Sorry for my apparent ignorance here.

Aww, you ignored my last two lessons about rotation for space saving (since you’re clearly not trying to focus on the background, and don’t you fucking lie about that when her tits take up 10% of the picture), or using lighting to make the picture look better. That’s just rude.

Oh and un-needed nudity is bannable, the only time it’s allowed is if I believe you have a specific artistic reason for it (shower scene with a killer behind the curtain, Urbanator’s Siren picture which showed the evil form in the reflection, etc), so just a warning, even if you don’t come here all that often.

Shit, it’s feeling up my monitor!

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Not bad.

Got up on the wrong foot this morning did ya?

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Ah got it^^

Yea you can place you dick just… right… there… and she is jerking you off just like that:quagmire:

jokes on her, I triple locked my chastity belt.

Just remember what Mass Effect taught you:
It’s all about Reach and Flexibility.

In deed^^

I see what you did there.