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Is this how Russia stole the northern territories???

Either way, I endorse this.

Fucking uzis, laser rifles, katanas, and a Russian gas mask? H-WAT??!?

This is awesome, great editing and colors.

One of my favorite things to do in a scenebuild is to combine things you’d never expect to see together. Victorian buildings and space, pirates and airplanes, samurais and machine guns, etc :v:

i love that you added an interior on the 2nd floor as a means of light source
good, very good

What is he holding?

Could be a plate, a breastplate for a big person, or a huge dirty monocle.

A golden bowl thing. Honestly I was just looking for something I could use as a nifty gold piece of treasure.

Very stylish, the only complaint would be the foremost guard running level on a slanted roof without issue.

Amazing. May I ask where you got the building prop from?.

It’s a bunch of props (walls and roofs) from The Mask’s scenebuild pack.