Thin Gray Outline on Panels

I am trying to find the code location for the gray outline that always appears whenever a panel is created. For reference, here is a picture with the outline:

Where can I find the code for that?

This is due to

GWEN.CreateTextureBorder. It’s used all over the default derma skin file, which is what determines the appearance of pretty much all panels.

This is the code for that function.

Actually, it’s only partly to do with this function. The real thing is the main derma texture. All that function does is cut out part of the derma texture to draw.

So it is impossible to just change the color of the gray outline without also changing the interior color because you’re changing the entire panel’s color?



Sorry, I thought that GWEN function actually drew the whole panel… what it really does is simply cut out part of the texture to draw the panel. Really, the texture is all that matters! You probably don’t even need to use or override that function!

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The other alternative to making a whole texture of course is just to override the panel’s paint function so it simply draws a rectangle rather than a GWEN texture. This may be easier.