Thing that Should be in the game!

Something Items that should be added to Rust:

Sling Shot ( With, Wooden Chips, Stone, Metal Pellets and “Maybe” Explosive Pellets. )

Fire arrow ( Combine Cloth, Low Grade Fuel and A Wooden Arrow to make this )

Camp fire’s Hurt? ( Getting hurt from the gases from a camp fire )

Some Mushrooms are poisonous.

Customisable Shirts

Please Comment any more suggestions.

Fishing, fish nets, fish traps.

Spiders, scorpions, snakes, bats.

catapults and trebuchets.

YES!!! Thanks for the reply

Think fishing is on the mind map.

Vermin-critters might be too many moving parts to track.

Definitely want to see siege weapons: cannon/trebuchet, mortar/catapult, and powder barrels. Then C4 and rockets can go back to being breaching weapons whilesiege weapons can become building killers.