Thing with some Grim.

It’s been a while since I uploaded something so, enjoy.



looks cool
but posing is a bit stiff
and could use fingerposing

Dante, you must suffer for your sins. :buddy:

that’s fuckin legit

Wow very nice edit, but isent that guy fingerposable?

You’re right, he is. I wasn’t bothered about the posing, I was more focused on the editing this time.

A post processing like that would make any game instantly pretty. :v:

Is that a compliment? This was all done in photoshop, not ingame.

What map did you use?

Also, it looks p. decent.

Good texturing job there.

I love it, I give you an ARTISTIC rating!

I must say, you did a great job editing it!

Jaw dropping picture for sure!
I don’t know what to say… Awesome?

Interesting. Nice work covering up all the errors and stuff.

Said this once and I’ll say it again, your pictures are as good as your fables.
…And Chesty’s new avatar creeps the fuck outa me.

Thats quite awesome

I don’t know about you, but if that figure come to collect me when I die, I would try to snag that awesome scythe. I mean it. That is a badass scythe.