Things activate while typing in chat

This is still a thing. Any key typed in chat can cause a action. Example: Sitting in the house chatting to folks. Just happen to be facing door. Type anything with a “E” in it and the door will open. This happens across the board. Say a number and the corresponding hot bar will equip.

The door opening while typing in chat scares the crap out of me every time I do it, every time.

Yeah, I accidentally opened the door for some raiders the other day…


I’ve never tried this technique, but next time someone is standing in front of a door, chat ‘knock knock’ and try to sneak into the house in between the e’s of ‘who’s there’.

This problem needs to be adressed as well as the fact that you can not use keys and move at the same time. If you open inventory you stop running and if you press run before closing the inventory you stay idle and have to re-press the move keys again. I have died to zombies so many times from trying to pull a medkit out of my inventory into a slot and had the action keys just jam up. It is a big issue that needs to be updated mechanically. Same with reload. Having to stop running to reload every time does not help keep a steady pace and flow of the gameplay.

this should be fixed if you’re on the dev branch and update rust now, thanks!

Thanks Pat, you rock!

Wow quick Thanks :slight_smile: