Things I Want Added To Rust

Hazmat Suit (Replaces Rad Suit)
More Weapon Mods (Red Dot, Rifle Scope, Grip, Large Magazine)
Remove gun swaying or make it so you can hold your breath to stop it for a few seconds
Night airdrops, flares fall down with the crates so they are visible
Headlamp so you can see things in the middle of the night
Map, very rare
Handheld Torch, more powerful than fire torch
The ability to scroll through chat
Hitting spikes walls should always make you bleed
The ability to shoot the ropes of the parachute connecting to the air drop to make crates drop faster (hard to hit)
Make sneaking/crouch walking silent or add a slower walk which is silent
Crossbow, long reload, high damaging, uses crossbow bolts, and bolts shoot far, fast, and straight
If someone is bleeding blood comes out
A wrist watch which shows you the time
The ability to take mods off your guns

Please tell me if you agree or disagree on any of these, also add your own ideas down below. Thanks!

i think this is the 47th post with the same stuff about adding stuff to rust in it. And do you really think that the devs will not change that you get chicken from all animals?, notice the word ALPHA, google it.

Please show me a list which has all the same stuff as this. As for the chicken I just felt like adding it, I am sorry if you do not like how I approach things.

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Also maybe 1 out of every 100 air drop planes explode and make a crash site which have a shit ton of metal and other items in them

I’m not sure why you had to make two identical threads.

Also, since you are new to Rust, please check the WIKI before posting.

The M4 model is just a placeholder, hence the game is in Alpha.

Also, you can already turn your laser off. Press G.

Leaving a trail/pool of blood when you are bleeding would be a neat feature.