Things I would like for Gmod 13

I searched the Steam workshop for these addons, but I couldn’t find them.
Would anyone be kind enough to do something to make these compatible with Gmod 13?
If they are already in the workshop, please send me a link, maybe I used the wrong terms in search or probably missed it during my search.

Mirror’s Edge weapons =
Battlefield Play4Free weapons =
BL:R Females =
Neotokyo weapons = As seen in the BL:R Females screenshots, sorry I couldn’t find a link to the thing itself.


You can install the “legacy addons” addon from the workshop, and download and use those just like you would in gmod 10. Only thing you’d really need to do is change the ‘info.txt’ file’s name to ‘addon.txt’ when you extract it to the folder.

Thanks for the info

Sorry for asking these kind of questions, I still haven’t gotten used to Gmod 13 and how it works