Things i would like to see added/changed

I would to start with i love this game a lot and it has sooo much potential. Here are the things i would like to see added/changed:


  1. Sniper rifles / scope for bolt action rifle
  2. Ability to make a group/party (So you dont need 1000000 different doors)
  3. Map with you and party members locations on it / and shows where the air dropped boxes are on it
  4. Random generated maps (So dont get bored of the same map and locations)
  5. More building materials like stone
  6. The ability to mine stone from the billion mountains all around instead of running around for 10 mins looks a random rock on ground
  7. Ability to farm/grow trees, food, ect
  8. Ability to craft research kits / Blue prints (to share with others)
  9. Night vision Goggles / Scopes
  10. Crossbow (uses “arrows” but easier to aim and can add scopes, flash lights, ect to it and ability to put a sight on hunting bow to make aiming easier


  1. Buildings that dont decay, i think it’s BS that i spend 5 days gathering materials for my base and fences for it all to disappear on me, i understand if your logged off for more then say 30 days that it would go away or something to make room for other players but come on lets be real here it takes decades for wood and metal to decay IRL
  2. How much wood is needed to make a spiked fence, gate, building materials, ect im on a very low population server like 7 people and its been taking me about 3 days so far about 8 hours each day playing to get enough wood for my 2 story base and 60% of the wall, that too much wood
  3. Ability to make a private game/server (through the game without having to pay $50/month
  4. When you log out your sleeping on the ground and people just have to knock your door down (even on PVE servers which makes no sense) and hit you a few times and they can loot your body
  5. Lighting in your base is terrible you should be able to create a permanent light source for inside you base that can be turned on or off so you can actually see at night
  6. Ability to change volume level of the Geiger Counter when in radioactive areas its too loud and annoying
  7. Allow certain items to stack higher like flares and reasearch kits and blue prints being able to stack

These are few things i can think of off the top of my head, i hope they get taken into consideration

Uhhh you need to gather more matts on better places, there is nothing with the costs for building mats

Other things have way more priority than adding for example a sniper rifle or nightvision goggles … Also if there were no decay the server would be filled with buildings.
Craftable blueprints would make the time going from stone to kevlar non existent.

I don’t get why people are not asking for a bigger playable area.