Things I would like to see eventually in-game Devs..

Firstly, well done with the latest update this weekend! Rust is hardly using any memory/CPU now on my server. I am one happy Newman!

Ok, well I would like Rope Bridges, to build river crossings. I believe Rope bridges is the way to go and fits in nicely.

Also, now you have that physics thing when you drop items, can this be applied to buildings? I’m thinking that if you knock a supporting wall, anything above it collapses, with you buried underneath.

I think that covers todays brain storm I had.

This would make raiding catastrophically overpowered…

I don’t think so. Realism is a word I keep seeing… Would make raiding alot more technical instead of just whacking a wall.

garry mentioned a ‘weight bearing’ system on the reddit

Speaking of realism, altho slightly off-topic, how about tides? That way you can time when you travel to islands nearby, and people building a house on the coast should think twice about the position they’re building and putting their sleeping bags